Decorating & Design

If you're looking for the design of rooms in our own home, visit the house tour pages. 

Decorating & Design

How to Choose Throw Pillows (colour & pattern made easy)
How to Hang a Gallery Wall (a guide with lots of layout templates)

Real Life House & Room Tours
Stunning, serene family friend's home
Liz's Jungle Play Room
Heather's Condo - Downstairs
Heather's Condo - Upstairs
Kevin & Adam's Dining Room, Kitchen & Living Room (+baptism)

Kristine's Nursery

Inspiring Room Designs
Creative and Beautiful Children's Rooms
Beautiful Nursery Ideas
White & grey kitchens
Yellow and Blue Rooms
Delicious Dining Rooms
Beautiful Entryways

Inspiring Decor Projects, DIY & Home Accents
Framed Plates
Framed Fabric 
Quirky Kitchen Gallery Wall
Ikea Bookcase as China Cabinet
Green rug & pillows
Chairs at HomeSense
White Storage Boxes
Bedside Table Lamps