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I am a proud Canadian currently living just outside of Toronto. I love all things home decor and design related, and am working at creating a happy home for my family and me. I have recently decided to be a full time stay at home parent, hanging out with my awesome toddler, Benjamin, and am expecting another little one this summer. I feel really lucky to be able to do so. I'm also married to the greatest guy, Matt, which makes me feel even luckier. (Hi Matt!)

I am very happy to have this blog as a way to connect with people who share my interests -- decorating, design, babies, weddings, entertaining, cooking, and more. 

Right now, we are busy giving some major TLC to our very first house. I'll be sharing all the details of how we are fixing it up, and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas too!

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  1. Jenny, I just found your blog through, of course, Pinterest. I love the idea of creating a decorating board but I don't know how it is done. I have some photos of my bedroom with new pillows, a collection of colors, a rug on line that I love...can you give me some idea how to put it together before I put paint to the wall. I have a small master that I want to make cozy and subdued with gray, ink blue (or steel), white and maybe a pop of orange (for starters). Can you help? Thank you. Most sincerely, Robin


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