Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kitchen Update

It's been a while since we've looked at the kitchen, so I thought I'd share some photos (since it was fairly clean today, ha ha). Not a lot has changed really, but I'll point out a few tweaks here and there...
The kitchen is now fully organized. I'll have to do a fuller post on that one day, but suffice to say I'm so happy to have lots of storage, especially compared to our old condo which had three tiny drawers in total! 

We also LOVE how open the kitchen/living room is. 
It has changed a little with the addition of a pack'n'play for baby Violet, to save me from going up and down to the nursery for every diaper change. The baby swing also gets some use when I'm busy with Benjamin (you can spot Violet in it in the pic above). Ignore the random things like the bags on the floor and shirt on the sofa. Whoops. 
Uh oh... Photobomber/streaker!
 We have this dedicated spot now for keys (in the glass bowl) and incoming mail (in the silver bowl). No more searching for things we need. 
More photos:
Will share more details when I can. Today, this broad overview of our favourite part of the house will have to do. I'm weirdly exhausted and think a nap is in order...

See you soon,
Jenny xo


  1. So much kitchen storage {love all those drawers} and that's what a growing active family needs. Glad to hear the kitchen suits your needs so well. Hope you caught a second wind for the day with your nap :) Robin

  2. I love how open your kitchen and living room are - exactly what we'd like in our dream home someday! We're still living in an apartment right now while we look for a house and I can't wait to trade in our cramped little kitchen for something with more storage someday. Just looking at your kitchen is inspiring!

  3. It looks amazing! I love how bright and fresh it looks.

  4. Everything looks lovely, Jenny! I love the open flow of your rooms, too!


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