Saturday, May 18, 2013

Basement TV Room Progress

Slowly but surely, things are starting to come together around here. I really can't believe how slowly. But one drawer or box at a time, we're making mini steps toward progress. 

I have absolutely nothing even close to finished to show you in the basement, but I thought I'd share a sneak peek at how the rec/main TV room is looking down there. Be warned that these photos are very un-staged and -- as anyone who has ever moved can probably relate to -- full of clutter. You might wonder why I'm showing you such an unfinished space, but the truth is most of our house feels half-finsihed, so any room I show you would have much the same look. I'm just going with it, and hope seeing the process will be fun. The room needs a lot of work, but we have also come a long way and have some ideas about where we want to go.
Before I go on, shall we reminisce about how this space started out?
Here it is with the sellers' belongings on the day of our home inspection.
And on the day we took possession.
Electrical issues led to the ceiling being cut open in a bunch of spots, and we had to dig a trench in the floor to create our new laundry room (read all about that here), so at one point the room looking like this (the photo below is of the far wall above, with the trench leading to that door on the left):
Anyway, I hope those before/during photos help explain why we are psyched about having this cozy TV room to hang out in, despite all the work that is still to be done to decorate it and make it feel like us. I think in the winter it will be especially nice to have the extra room. 

Here's some more photos of the space. 
The light is the same one as we put up in our bedroom (see it here) - a cheapie from Ikea that we love.  The dressers are the Brimnes series from Ikea. I can hardly believe how much storage we have down here now. Only 6 of the 16 drawers are being used so far. Originally I'd planned for a cute pair of chairs here, but the storage is more practical for our family. 

We had the TV mounted on the wall, which makes such a difference in the narrow space. A piece of furniture there would have totally changed the room (in a bad way). We had to invest in two long HDMI cables to make it work so that our cable box and DVD player could sit atop the dresser on the other side of the room, but we think they were well worth it. 
We plan to make them look a little nicer up there. For now, they're sitting next to frames waiting to be hung -- we need to pick up two more so we can have four on either side of the windows. Hopefully we'll make it to Ikea soon (i.e. before baby girl arrives!). 
You might recognize the framed photos from this post when I talked about hanging them on either side of our china cabinet back in the condo. They looked like this:
Anyway, we're liking how they look and think the dark frames echo help balance out the dark TV. We plan to put a few big pieces of art above the couch and when we do the whole thing will probably look a lot more cohesive. Plus, we LOVE family photos and although not what a real designer would probably choose like to display our nearest and dearests' smiles around the house. 
Here's a glance at our throw pillows, in case you're like me and weirdly like to see how people combine them. We aren't 100% sure if they're staying here (it's been like a game of musical pillows around here) but we are using what we've got and think we like this combo. 
We try to use fun pillows to distract ourselves from how beat up the old sofa is. Since this room will mainly be a kids' TV zone, replacing it at this point makes no sense (well that and the fact that we can't afford to anyway). At least it is super comfy!

Here is the view from the other side of the room (standing by those white dressers) looking back down the hallway toward the guest room/playroom/office/bathroom/staircase. Don't mind little Benjamin or the random junk hanging out. 
I recently bought a rug to put by the couch on one of those wayfair sales. It was a great deal, and I think it will ground the space, bring in some much needed colour and pattern, and make it a cozier spot for little ones to hang out while watching Finding Nemo. (We watch that one a lot lately). 

I'd also like to find a small coffee table, but for now with kids it is just as practical not to have one. We'll see where we go with that once the rug is in place. Should be here in a week or so, hope I like it as much in person as I did online. A DIY roman shade (or faux roman) is also on my to do list, but that probably won't happen for a little while. 

Alright, well I'm off to sort out a few more things and hang out in the backyard. Thank goodness it is a long weekend and the sun is shining!  

Thank you for visiting :)
Jenny xo


  1. Oh my word, how fabulous to have all that space. I love the storage too. I know you will love this area. Looking good so far. Hugs, Marty

  2. How wonderful! The cabinets are great and I like how you plan to hang your pictures. I think using your family photos is a great idea - why shouldn't we enjoy our loved ones happy faces? Love the floor too. It's just a great space all around!

  3. It really is going to be a great space for your family, and I think it is looking good already.

    Seeing that trench in your floor with the concrete broken reminds me of what we are undergoing right now. We have brick masons making a mess in order to fix some issues, but I am so glad they are here. I posted pics, but they don't tell how truly dusty everything is. But I see an end in sight. Hopefully this week with the masons. They have been great, and I'm thankful for good workmen. They are that.



  4. This is a great space and I think you'll love having it in the winter and on rainy days! I find it helps to keep the upstairs spaces a bit tidier when you can sprawl out in one particular area! Look forward to seeing more!

  5. I love what you all have done ... fun pops of color ... beautiful hutch ... awesome floors, too! It's going to be such a great spot to enjoy with your family!

  6. wow! well done it looks wonderful. Hugs

  7. Wow Jenny that is some SERIOUS nesting. I don't know how you are doing it all, but good for you. It looks amazing!

  8. You have some serious storage space now. What an amazing transformation!

  9. You have been busy! What a great space. I love lots of family pics too. Gotta have what makes us smile hanging around!

  10. Jenny, those dressers from IKEA are awesome! They look like they have so much room to store stuff in :) I need to find a wall in my house for those :)


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