Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Benjamin's New Nursery "Art"

The last time I showed you Ben's nursery, he was 8 months old (here). He is now past 11 months, and there've been some changes in there. However, the whole room is once again in need of re-organization. He's into a whole new size of clothing, and a new season is upon us meaning I now have swim suits and baby sunscreen and whatnot to find a spot for in his teeny bedroom. Benjamin is also becoming increasingly adept at pulling things off shelves and opening drawers, so I need to change up what is on his bookshelves to make sure it is safe for him to continue playing in there. Of course, I have plans to do all of this, but haven't started any of it. But I did make one change, so I thought I'd share it with you. Baby steps toward getting things done...

Remember the big empty white frame on top of his dresser (it has been sitting there since the very first time I shared his nursery)? Here's a photo to refresh your memory...
Finally, after searching for inexpensive but meaningful art and not buying anything for months and months, we found a piece of "art" to go there. Staples was having a big sale on poster-sized printing. So we decided that, for $12, we'd print a photo of Benjamin. We may not keep it there forever, and are still searching for the right piece for there, but for now we LOVE how it looks. We also finally framed a few other photos to fill the empty animal frames on his shelves. 

We chose this image (from our trip to Florida, here) to print nice and big. It is the right combo of neutrals and a pop of blue that we have going on in the rest of his room. The composition of the photo also made it a great candidate for oversized printing:
It's hard to take a photo of, as the glass on the frame gets such a strong glare from the big window next to it and/or the flash, but you should still be able to get a sense of how it is looking in that corner of the room.
Next up? Sorting out all the junk that has piled up beside the bookshelf, cleaning up and organizing those shelves, and then re-organizing his drawers and closet (again). Will keep you posted.

Jenny xo


  1. Its a great photo--I think large scale photos of kids are a great way to decorate in kids rooms.

  2. Hi, Jenny. Glad to see you're back!! Great picture! Love it! Perfect in that spot! ~Zuni


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